July 11, 2005 

July 11, 2005

Well, today I had my physical therapy. I got 2 times a week to get my achilles tendon worked on. basically all they do is put some gel on my foot, heat it up and rub it with a wand that warms the gel. It doesn't do anything for my foot and it hurts just as bad every time I leave. It really is a waste of time, but I have to go through the motions in order for them to actually look at my foot and fix it. You gotta love how the Army works sometimes. I'm glad I'm getting out next year.

So after getting back from physicla therapy I headed to the gym to get a work out. I haven't run in 2 weeks. I was resting my body to get ready for the 36 mile run to Camp Red Cloud last Saturday, but everyone chickened out the last day and didn't go. So I wound up resting for nothing, and even gained about 4 pounds in the process. So I'm going to hit the gym hard this week to lose the weight. I could notice a difference already. I was breathing harder than usual and started sweating earlier. That was just from 2 weeks off too!

I got back from the gym and wanted to go see if they had the new Fantastic 4 movie out. Well, they didn't, but they did have war of the Worlds. So I bought that and took it over to maxwell's room and watched it with him. And that was about the extent of my day today.

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Comment dont think your blog is interesting at all. There are too many soldiers in korea, i know because i was one of them, there is no real mission there. maybe if you were in a combat mos, you'd know a little about not having four day weekends and being out in the fuckin field for half your tour. you probably dont even know where camp giant was before we pulled out to iraq. you have it easy man...in yongsan, how can you complain about anything??!! being in seoul is probably on par wiith being in states or perhaps even better. what are you a chaplain's assistant?? well, i guess someone has to fill in that spot. im upset that you dont even mention the war in your fuckin blog...do you even have a small speck of concern??? while are on your "tour" in seoul, there are real solid infantrymen out here doing the real shit.

Sun Aug 28, 2005 12:41 am MST by A Soldier

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