June 28, 2005 

June 28, 2005

Human Body Exhibit

About 6 months ago Iread about a controversial art exhibit that some guy had created. The guy was using dead people for his artwork pieces. There were a lot of mad people who didnít want the exhibit. Well, it turns out that I was talking to a guy today and he told me that it was in Seoul and he went and saw it and didnít really see why everyone was so upset about. So I decided to go check it out after work today.

All of the bodies werenít really art. The whole exhibit is actually more of a science and anatomy class that youíd get in college. This guy just put some of them in poses to make it a little more interesting.

This guy is posing in a running stance like heís playing football. Next to every exhibit they had a display that talked about how all the muscles actually worked in order for the person to do what he was doing. The human body is extremely complex to be able to move so many things just to be able to perform something as simple as walking.

This is one guy cut down the middle to show the digestive tract.

This guy is also cut down the middle, but he is showing his organs instead. Did you know that your heart is actually more towards the center of your chest and not in your left side of your chest like everyone was taught in school?

This one must have taken a lot of effort and work. This photo is of the entire veinous system in the body to include the capillaries and arteries.

This is a body split into sections in order to get an idea of where everything is actually sitting inside of the body.

Believe it or not, but this is actually a photo of a womanís breasts. Under her skin she had developed breast cancer and let it get so bad that it killed her. This is what it looks like.

This is a body that has been stripped of skin in certain areas.

This is a photo of an unborn child in the belly of a woman. They had a lot of displays from 4 weeks old up to 36 weeks to show how the baby grew from something the size of a grain of rice (4 weeks) to a full term child. There were also some babies with defects like Siamese twins and a baby with spinal bifida.

There were a lot more displays, but I just didnít have enough space to put them all up here. It was definitely something interesting and different.

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