June 26, 2005 

June 26, 2005

Ah yes, what to write today. Aboslutely nothing. Well almost nothing. It's hard to make work sound interesting. I had to be at the chapel at 7 AM this morning to open up the chapel and set up for the 8:00 service. We have 5 services on Sunday. There is the Protestant, Episcopal, Catholic, Pentecosatl, and the Lutheran servcie. Luckily I don't have to work the Lutheran service so I get out of the chapel around 3:30 every sunday. I don't normally eat lunch on Sunday's because we are so busy and there isn't much time to eat. But today I was falling asleep so I had to do something.

There isn't a whole lot to eat around the chapel within walking distance and since I onlt have about 15 minutes to leave the chapel I had to settle for fast food. I always get an upset stomach when I eat fast food, andtoday was no exception. But at least it woke me up and helped me get through the rest of the day.

I came back to the chapel and ate my lunch in between the services. Somebody closed our office door while we were out setting up the services and locked it. Well, I don't work at that chapel a lot so I had no keys to open it. It would have been fine, except for the fact that all of the offering money from the services was locked inside too! That is a huge mistake to make for a Chaplain assistant. We have some Chaplain Assistants in prison for messing up offerings. Well, I had to use some guys cell phone to call a locksmith. He came over and said that he could get the lock off. He said he'd have to break the door to do it. I told him to burn the door down if he had to, but just get it open. Well he had another idea. He took a drill and drilled a hole between the two windows in the office and pushed a screwdrivber through the hole and popped the lock on the window. I wish I had taken a picture of it, because it was pretty creative. Well, after the big ordeal I was able to get in the office and I taped the latch on the doorknob so that it wouldn't close again.

On the way home I spotted another stupid sign.
Apparently I have been mispelling working my entire life. Haha. Anyway, when I got home, Sherry was on the computer, so I chatted with my wife for about an hour. It's about the only time I c an talk to her is when she's online. She's been very busy lately with all of her wrestling shows. She's been doing a lot the fake wrestling shows (like WWE) and doing a little bit of valeting and wrestling. She loves it because she gets to do some acting. She is sending me some pictures of her soon, so I'll post them when I get them. After that I went right to bed. I hadn't gotten much sleep in the past few days and have been working non-stop so I was exhausted.

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